RSA Online – Your Stepping Stone To Gainful Employment In The Hospitality Industry

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What is RSA? RSA stands for Responsible Serving of Alcohol. This is a course taken by anyone who is planning to work with alcoholic beverages. The training course is meant to do away with troubles that come from too much alcohol intake.

There are many reasons why people report dissatisfaction about their jobs, from low pay to limited opportunities for career advancement. But quite often, it all boils down to a mismatch between a person’s personality type and the job he or she has. Although an introvert may thrive in a job that is commonly taken by extroverts (and vice versa), knowing your personality type and finding the right job for such can ensure that you enjoy your job and build a career upon it.

For extroverts or people persons, careers in hospitality are more suitable. It gives them the opportunity not only to engage with their peers but also to mingle with new people on a daily basis. The hospitality sector in Australia continues to grow, offering job hunters a diverse number of positions to take. Aside from being a lucrative industry, many are enticed to get a job in this sector because of the chance to work in a dynamic and exciting environment.

Among the most popular opportunities in the hospitality industry are positions for becoming a chef, a bartender, a waiter, a barista or a concierge. But before you can land a job in the hospitality sector, you need to complete a course on Responsible Service of Alcohol or RSA. Australia requires bar attendants, restaurant employees who serve alcohol, floor staff, crowd control personnel, supervisors and managers to get an RSA Certificate. This is to ensure that the aforementioned personnel are equipped with the knowledge and skills regarding the dispensation of alcoholic drinks to customers. Typically, an RSA course covers topics like dealing with intoxicated customers, preventing excessive alcohol consumption, the effects of alcohol, and maintaining a safe yet enjoyable environment for the workers, their customers, and the community where the establishment is located as well.

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By completing the course for RSA online, you can get certification in a convenient manner. That means you reap the benefits of completing an online course, like studying at your own pace and studying right at the comfort of your own home. However, note that not all Australian states recognise RSAs obtained online. In order to make sure that your certificate will be recognised in the state that you intend to work in, it is best to do research on which training providers are accredited and recognised in that state.

Numerous opportunities await job hunters within the hospitality industry. But just like some industries, certain qualifications must be met to become gainfully employed. For the Australian hospitality industry, one of these requirements is an RSA Certificate.

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